Thursday, March 03, 2005

i was just fluxbloggin'

when i happened acrossfiona apple, i like fiona apple and it hurts me that they don't wanna free fiona over at sony. fiona and i only have one problem and that's for her making me feel like i did something wrong by watching her video where dudes foot is in her face. she should apologize but besides that creepy feeling inducing video, which i liked, she did a dope album and went the esthero route on me. sadly a plethora of "artist" who didn't do good albums showed up time and time again to annoy my aural space.

in other news i saw a dude wearing a 97 model motorola around his neck today... it had one of those cheap plastic/pleather cases around it where you can see the buttons but the plastic amazingly protects them from the grim on your hands. don't, really, please.

my flu is amazingly letting up as of late though it's like those cats that come over your house and you give mad hints that you'd like them to leave but they turn the channel or ask when it's time to eat. my old roommate was like that. he'd invite himself over to my apartment and bring up convos about girls we used to touch IN FRONT of my then girlfriend. i'd be on some "no, i don't remember that" and he's say "you know the brown skinned bitty with the FAT ASS! remember you touched her in the bathroom of.." anyway, he'd come over and eat chips and chill 4 hours past his welcome on a regular basis until i had to get gangsta and give him a 'to go' time when he came over. i wish i could give the rest of this flu a 'to go' time.

free fiona dammit!

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