Friday, March 18, 2005

I'm a connector

and since i found that out i've been busy using my new found title. of course some people have a tendency to think that i won't connect bodily parts with harmful intent but they will soon learn. you must. otherwise i've been getting my connector-ness on.

lately i've been more than a little down. i miss being around people that come from where i come from, were raised like i was raise etc. that reminds me, i noticed a little secret about sweden-- this country is full of white people-- but keep that on the low.

welp back to getting my connectornesstivity on, did i mention that wifey and i hit the terrible 2's yesterday? of course that's 2 years of "going steady" but i'm quite proud of that achievement for many different reasons (most of which i'm patting myself on the back for, damn i've been in europe too long).

for your weekend listening pleasure

J*Davey "No More"

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