Tuesday, October 19, 2004

bearded thoughts

only few things bother me as my 20's throw their tims on and head for the door, one is my beard. I have a goatee and uncoordinated freedom fighters running around with the consistency of prince records during his blank pause introduction period. this, I feel, is a "disservice, in fact it's a crime it's a shame." wrong because comparing my "beard" to people 5 or 6 years younger to me I get that frustrated feeling of unfairness. now life isn't fair and if a beard wasn't ever going to be I'd happily move on. -if you double x'd your chromosomes this life cycle or can't legally vote yet, you proabaly don't understand- the problem is that all the che-like folicals reproducing like marvin is on repeat are messing up my face. I'd like to work out some type of agreement like full custody or absolve my parental rights.

just thought I'd get that off my hairless(for now) chest.


Nicke said...

Nicke said...

Yup, it's a low down dirty shame. U need something like this or like this before hittin the 30's. I mean, c'mon, u cant be goin around looking like a damn kiwi for the rest of your life. ;-)