Tuesday, October 19, 2004


he told me about it, i've even clicked on links to it but I didn't actually gawk until now and I'm already picking up a syringe. /mental note/ add to links

I'm a superhero and unbreakable (which if playing) has convinced me to get out and do superhero things.... which poses a problem in this stanley kubrik sterile scandinavian version of a country.

speaking of which-fun swedish facts- the swedish word for married is 'gift', the swedish word for poison is also 'gift'

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justwill said...

another site to check is: http://www.gothamist.com/

your blog is getting kinda focused. i likes.

the mp3 blog is still in the works (details forthcoming),yo. actually, i'm uploading some files, per this writing.

::in funkmaster flex voice::

EXACTLY! nahmean? we bout to hit him with that ol' crazy, futuristic, george jetson type shit, ya hurrrrrrrd!?

i'm SO FOCUSED right now! . . . ya know what it is, it's OB, artery is in the buildin' . . . fix ya face and stop lookin' funny, nahmean? take a walk with the kingpins, stupid.

brand new lil' jon!