Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm an american, I like choices. lots of 'em

from food to ipods there's nothing better than choices, subway and I get along quite fine because they understand that and cater to it.

that said, when it comes to the presidential debates I don't like the 1-2 and .000001 choices we supposedly have. I agree that bush has to go/shouldn't have been there in the first place, but why do I have to choose a guy who has less personality than my least favorite bathroom wall? nader isn't doing the trick for me this year either.

sidenote- nader would have gotten my '00 vote had the state of Indiana not "lost" my registration ish only to let me know when I'm standing there about to vote. and you thought it was only florida.

everyone knows there are other pple who are running they just don't know who the hell they are so I found the list to see who we had to choose from. here are the interesting ones-

-Peace and Freedom Party (Ron Jeremy for president anyone?)

-Personal Choice Party (the vp candidate is a former pornstar, not that I have a problem with that)

-Socialist Party USA (do you think they'd even make it to the swear in? I mean the bucket looks kicked already)

-Christian Freedom's candidate Thomas Harens looks a little too Waco, TX for me

-God talks to this guy

sure the choices look like pork products for me but at least I know my choices.

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