Friday, October 15, 2004


in 1982

yesterday's phone convo about this picture-

wifey - *emailing me pic* I love this photo of me, I think I look soo cute and soo me here. though I didn't seem to think that way then. about being cute that is.

me - *pulling up pic from email* yeah you are cute except that trailer park hairstyle

wifey - what?!? I think my hair is cute there

me - like I said cute in a 'trailer park my dad never wears a shirt because he might spill budlight on it and my mother/his first cousin doesn't like to wash more than once a season type way'

wifey - but it was 1982

me - I know but a hairstyle like that should be considered child abuse

wifey - *pouting* it's not a bad hairstyle

me - love did they cut your hair with the garden shears?

wifey - eff you

me - now someone else is cutting your hair, which is why I'm with you *laughter*

wifey - your very evil

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Nicke said...


Damn! I was happily unaware of that pic 'til now. Jeez, that looks terrible, but, in C's defence, cute in a (very strange) way