Saturday, October 30, 2004

saturday morning post- the shining

up early again, woke up 5ish and couldn't go back to sleep. wifey doesn't share this problem but with the upness of this week-job rolling quite nicely plus new mj (i love her), business cards (yes i'm amped about that) and the curve ball a new phone with a camera (grainy pic but who cares).

i'm feeling all 'grown folks' now though i felt left out when i saw about the bin laden tape all late on the news last night. speaking of which.. this week bill clinton came out of recovery from a surgery that people say makes you feel like a new person. well new person he is because he pulled out a big pair of nuts with his statement about the bush camp using scare tactics to keep pple away from the polls.- code red! code red! we here at foxnews have learned that polling stations are targeted in these democrate leaning areas please stay away!- poltrickins didn't think he'd hit that hard but honestly what does dude have to stress? besides hillary isn't affected by him politically since she monica, and pple say that hurt.

back to bin laden with the tape popping up 4 days before the elections it kinda worries me (though this has been predicted by everyone and even me) that the idiots known as undecided might scamper to bush. hopefully not, i'm sure once 'oh great satan president cheney' heard of the clinton statement he was like 'damn' *insert flames and stuff*

if i worked for an intelligence agency the fact that bin laden could make a tape would really be frustrating me right now. if i were to vote for bush it would frustrate me since john wayne did promise to "hunt him down!"

then again if i was going to vote for bush i'd.... nevermind

one thing about the whole tape thing is dude actually said "Bush says and claims, that we hate freedom, let him tell us then, 'Why did we not attack Sweden?'" -check cnn for link i'm lazy right now- sure does make me feel relaxed.

welp i'm out

from sweden, a great place to be

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