Wednesday, October 27, 2004

new and improved!

k, mj has been getting on my last nerve. really. she obviously didn't take a drivers ed because she crashes every second she can. anyway today things changed and i had to get a new girl mary jane 2.0 (seen above). i likes, she has kept my mind off of the documentary i saw last night about voters in america where this dude who has an am talk show said that he doesn't care about taxes, education, the economy, health care or jobs. the most important thing to him is that gay marriage does NOT become legal. i'm still working with that one.... why do you care? people give me something, that shit doesn't make sense to me like mj 2.0 :-) i just need to understand the thought patterns of someone who thinks like that, at least the blurry map or somthing. now back to caressing mj :-)

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