Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers

it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that go-go swing

did I mention that I'm cursed? really biblical type cursed. since I know this I NEVER do anything thing wrong (laws I'm talking about I'm not perfect though some would try to argue otherwise:-).

yesterday I had a meeting for work so after waiting behind this slow arse lady to sloooowly pull out her card the train was on it's way and the dude let me go thru because I was going to buy a card downtown.

alot of times when I run out of my month pass (which, thanks to the price raise, costs too much like nyc) pple tell me to hop the train, I always say no because I know the curse and never do. # of times I've seen them check for passes since I moved here in July of last year 4, it is rare but my curse dictates that rare ish will happen to me. I hop on the train and guess what happens? the next stop those bastards get on the train and start checking for passes. the Curse minus the Gift.

I tell the dude that I was allowed to go because I was going to buy a pass downtown and he's on some suuure type ish. Then he begins to ask me when I came to sweden and can I speak swedish. these things have nothing to do with the pass or the 1000k ticket I'll get but us americans know talk more more chance you'll get off. so I sort of answer his questions but not the one about do I have a swedish id number (he'd need that for the damn ticket that he promised he was going to write.) So I'm talking to ticket guy and the whole damn car is intently listening to my ish, which in a country of filled with stereotypes is more so annoying, 'specially since ticket dude is the only other black person in the damn car. can we say house n*****?

we talk thru a stop and on the next stop there is some type of commotion outside and H.N. Ticket Guy hops off to help out -of course this is sweden and unlike nyc where commotions outside are kate moss minus water weight, this NEVER happens- well the train is sitting there for a sec longer than usual so I'm thinking H.N.T.G. will be back like arnie, ticket book in hand and continue to mess my day up. then the doors close with HNTG outside. so I'd like to thank whoever caused that problem on the Sundyberg stop yesterday, it helped.

eff u HNTG

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