Sunday, October 10, 2004

coffee and clouds

welp I went to bed kinda early last night, being that I was soo tired from listening to wifey paint and all. I watched most of the debate and I'll admit that bush looked alot better then I've ever seen him before. sure he didn't make much sense but he did put alot of sentences together I didn't think that he capable of. Kerry on the other hand, you could see that his advisors told him over and over again to act more anti-chip-on-your-shoulder so at times he came off like he went to a 'how to be a well liked person' class. Of course he did better than bush, IMHO, plus he showed restrain t that bush didn't seem to have when told to hold on by the moderator.

I've been warned already that Satan, I mean, bill o'reilly when not blasting people on his show comes off as a guy with a soul. I saw the 60 mins piece on him and I'll admit he's far, far from his right wing wasp watchers. amazing that anything could come from fox news not dizzy from all that spin.

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