Thursday, October 21, 2004

behind the wheel

am i the only one who sees the 'black driver' trend in movies lately? taxi, collateral? 'good 'ol days' subconsciously revisited? hoped for even?

i regularly speak to malcolm x thru john edwards and he said to tell you "I didn't die for this shit! have you seen katelin and my jigsaw puzzle?" john has connection problems at times...

mr. mathers needs to admit to the world that he likes dressing in women's clothes. I've never seen a person jump at any and every chance to do so. the b.e.t. thing means about as much... wait it doesn't as long as they keep feeding stereotypes steroids.

wifey says she's hungry.

1 comment:

justwill said...

yeah, that em/cross-dressage is WILD homo.

methinks he'd feel a lot better out of the closet like MJ and naomi (or was that "in the closet"?)

yo, SOMEBODY's daughter is getting ::radio edit:: tonight.

heh heh heh.

i am fresh to death.