Monday, October 25, 2004

My Philosophy

Ldef version

my vote for most useless phrase of the presidential debates goes to 'moral values.' would someone please explain the purpose of this statement? they ashlee simpson this statement everywhere you turn but has anyone ever figured out? how can a president improve the morality of almost 300 million people? if you have some type of useful insight please let me know. please.

here in reality there are things simmering which my privacy clause will not let me share at the moment but soon...


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justwill said...

dude, it's SO WORST when you type out a long-ass dances with wolves-esque coment only to realize said comment would better serve as an actual post on your own damn blog.

so nevermind the bullocks (here come the sex pistols).

this bloc party jawn is STAY CHISEL. rill talk.

oh, mp3 blog, very soon, coming at you. or somebody.