Saturday, October 16, 2004

saturday morning review

I'd have to blame my grandparents (my heros) for giving me this curse of waking up too damn early so I woke up 6.30ish and laid in bed telling self to resume rest operations but no. *sigh*

last night I listened to De La while wifey watched Swedish Idol *gag* and randomly shouted new improved variations of of good 'ol curse words at mary jane. I talked to her cousin (the same who applied firstaid on her last fri. nite) who is letting me know when she can get an Extreme Makeover™ and leave the her special olympics reject status. this is good thing, great thing.

Fargo was on last night, I forgot how good that movie is, though IDOL made me miss the first 20mins *re-gag*

today I'm going to help My Favorite Painter finish the room. the bastids at ikea called yesterday and the bed will be here on tuesday, hopefully my meeting doesn't run into the delivery time. man it will be great when we finish this room cause the apt looks like this at the moment.


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