Thursday, October 14, 2004

chewing gum (c) Anie

stocholm subway

pretty al gore-ish day today plus blogger wouldn't let me or that could have been MJ's fault (upgrades soon).
turned on the coffee and tv only to seeJake White kissing Loretta Lynn my skin is still crawling-r.kelly's north pole cousin to his south, nursing homes be on alert- so the tv went off and I read the the GOAT'sblog. if you make money off of hip hop from clothes to bootleg cd's you should be sending him some. fell asleep last night (though wifey woke up to remind me) and didn't get to tape the 3am presidential debate, which sucks*. so I've been going blind googling and cleaning up all day. like I said al gore-ish.

*sidenote- the vcr is eternally pms'd and flat out refuses to be set so you have to run the tape with enuff to catch the program.

soon done goals-
- learn how to link a pic
- learn how to get my links sidebar up


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