Saturday, November 27, 2004

in a calm manner cause i'm a smooth operator

sitting here listening to sade and roy hargrove with bastard snow outside and an hour worth of cleaning and washing dishes ahead of me. Procrastination is king!

thanksgiving worked out we (wifey, chris, gab and my starting waterboy) headed down to an american restaurant to watch the first thanksgiving game (7pm swedish time). met the first bush backing americans i've seen over here, ever. a dude and a girl who signed on the dotted line to "defend our freedom" (probably some post 9/11 surge of patriotism). they alleged the regular republican reasons for voting bush in (terrorism, moral values, blah blah..) and stated that this war was wrong initially but hey "they were killing themselves anyway." i got a little revved up then this cat, who decided that he recognized his calling as moderator, tried to put me on mute which made him quick collateral damage cause to quote goodie mob "don't shut me up man i got something to say."

anyhoo it was kewl shooting the breeze without my anti-american teflon vest on though detriot was molested. less i forget, army dude said that once you sign on the dotted line the government can send you wherever they want... *shaking head*

that said today's our second game as the cheering/ice grill section for the elite 12 year old girls basketball (c) last sat. entry. go FBK!!! challegers ain't trying to take it there.

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