Friday, November 05, 2004

"how you gonna have a dream come truuue"

trying 'em out for size

"what's the matter, ya burnin?'" (c) ice cube

it's now and i'm my memory has me somewhere between 'throw dem bows' green bottled slizzerd happiness and b.o.b drenched 'damn i gotta stop smoking' in a certain sbclub with semi thought inducing convos with mulitple offspring females who are proud of their 'jus finished skoolin' g.e.d.'s aren't school b... but nuff about stumbling loosie-ly thru memory's drunken memories.

vagabonds, heathens and others if you didn't remember when the remix meant a chills, minus chemical agents, then you aren't worth the carbon dioxide your friggin exhaling on my planet, save it.


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