Monday, November 29, 2004

cell phone photography

in fact i've decided to become the new gordon parks of cell phone photography (aka CPP). sure it's grainy photos and it can be a little unnatural trying to find the take photo button but what's a better way to waste time on the train? not to mention stockholm transit's surpise everytime it SNOWS in sweden, idiots. this week every single photo i put up will be from my little blue phone :-)

uh, since i'm going to be gordon parks and all i might want to have a daughter soon so i can marry her friend in the future.

today i've been working while having the tv on mute in the background, you know some shows aren't that bad on mute. i've known about videos on mute, since s-curl-havin' bill bellemy(sp?) started on mtv, and think there should be a muted video awards. any nominations?

i promise a review of jeanius this week but it's hard to give an honest review when the person reviewed (and their fiancee') walked you to the train because of your fear of lower manhattan rats. long story, and yes those homeless-after-9-11 rats made my size 15 tims a must dammit.

fuck rats

thank god for infinite cool points.

back to being gordon parks

oh yeah going to see "ain't you the ruts?" with wifey on wed.

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