Sunday, November 21, 2004

basketball recap

my phone camera sucks i know

yesterday wifey and i headed over to see our new favorite team. no it's not detriot pistons/indiana fight club game (more on that later). we went to see the Elite division of 12 year old girls in the stockholm area. FBK! no r.kelly references please, we went to see a our little friend who wifey practically raised for a couple of years, haddy.

being a little tired, the thought of a watching little girl's basketball didn't exactly appeal. a promise is a promise and l's for the kids so went i did.

the gym was old and the only way to get to the second floor court was walk thru the girls locker room... finally found a seat and watched them "warm up" which consisted of horribly thrown shots not necessarily in the direction of the rim, it wasn't looking good and my eyes felt heavy.

tip off was postponed because the girl from our team forgot to take off her earrings *shaking head*. then off to subpar play and lot's of full strength shots that should have been lay ups. noticing we were the only cheering section for FBK we clapped like drunk uncles every 3-4 mins when they got a bastket.

the teams were as different as they could be our team was all brown with 2 pink girls. Theirs was all pink except for 1 midget 'so sincerr' mugsy. the coaches were polar ops: a swedish lady who turned bright red embarrassed whenever she talked and a african dude who had a slight cursing problems added a technical foul.

Lot's of crying, MY GOD, lot's of crying! join-in crying, frustration crying, little-bumps-hurt crying... very tiring.


- our coach like to yell, a lot, specifically at haddy which reminded us of "Ed-dee, what have you done for me late-ly!"(c) Mmmfufu.

sidenote- yelled swedish is NOT the thing.

- last quarter, 3 mins left, tied game. a girl (who ran like she was drying her nails) heard her phone ringing and started running off the court to answer it. oh-kay.

- haddy, who had the purest shot there, made her first shot and we shouted out "bra haddy" - good, haddy - and she ran down the court and and said 'thank you.'

FBK pulled off a win in overtime and we are now the cheering section and bringing more people. i also introduced the couch to suicides, which will make me very popular with the girls i'm sure :-)

pistons/pacers game - it's in the top stories here in sweden... people don't tend to think what that looks like in other countries. embarrassing ish.

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