Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Life in Mono

Great Expectations is one of my favorite movies for oh-so-many reason not the least the perfect muted mood captured plus the post's title. well today, a week from the elections, that muted mood tends to linger. i'm reading time's recap of the election (i.e. what went wrong if your iq is in double digits) and they pointed out a few relaxing facts.

bush has to deal with his stupid mistakes. if he fucks up, oh well, he'll prove to the country once and for all that the blue states are smarter.

the democratic party getting beat by so little may make it get into shape and approach issues NOT from dem icons playbook (c) jfk.

it's his last term. did i mention the demon Ashcroft is gone?

plus we have to get over it and move the hell on, for once if ish get's worse you can tell your former friend who voted for bush "i told you so" with pride.

so it's okay

Gay Whales Against Racism

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