Monday, November 08, 2004

blogger's down

so i'ma e this one in.

the j-o put weight on faster than a crack diet loses it. it went from
lax to me waking up trying to make sure i sent this or that email, but
i'm complain-less here cause joblessness is waaay worse, trust.

yesterday's-at-the-mall-typing-via-cell-hand-cramped-blog-entry didn't
quite pan out beside network errors it decided to bury itself alive in
my sms folder which is anti emails. techknowlogee minus the knowlege
on my part snafu, status: frustrating but learning.

yesterday's cellphone cramper "here i am bored out of my friggin' mind at the mall typoing on my cells irkingly micro keys while wifey expresses her double x chromozones' seemingly inborn need for retail - witty retort of de la's 'shopping bags' not included because said desposed of monies ain't mine *note - she's a starter in money handles... my fingers are now cramped plus she's back and my beef wok is almost ready"

the Victory over a certain
nonamed swede is served in nice cold cans of nba live whoop arse,
though i prefer bottles, WILL NOT be mentioned to the viewing public.

did i mention wifey's verge of sleep demon status? it invokes ike like
feelings (c) sometimes. worst still is the her feeble c movie
attempts of "fooling" me that she really IS awake. making
blockbuster nights movieme nights with the next day's matinee
reshowing.... this was attempted tonight during the latter half of 'the
mob house that tony built' complete with incoherent mutterings
(english/swedish take your pick).

like i said i have work and finally getting my mac's version of
outlook up and running has sent me into a state of euphoria.

iraq's state of emergency sounds rather timely seeing the elections
are over now... i'm just saying is karl rove running two countries?

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