Wednesday, November 03, 2004

tense times-coffee, kerry and *vomit* bush

up at 4am watching the cnn feed until 5.
this shit is painful i'm sitting here listening to a live npr feed and checking any and every available source.

new hampshire just went for kerry


220 - kerry
249 - bush

barak sliced alan keyes, one bright spot so far.


uh, ohio PLEASE!!! come on ohio you can do it.

i'd also like to apologize for thinking that 'my fellow americans' were at least in double digits when it cam to iq's.

still 200-249 maine's voting system annoys me because if bush gets 1 vote from them then he would win if ohio is retarded.

if the south would like to become another country, i welcome that and i'll visit all my family in their new country.

cannabis in alaska- they voted for it to 'legalize it' weedheads worldwide are buying coats.

npr has the points at 254-242 bush up

the dems are weak nut-less cats i'm watching bbc's live coverage and a lot of the dems they have talked to admit defeat.

vote or die didn't seem too pull off that much according to the exist polls.



if bush takes it:

- middle east conflicts will escalate
- the economy with correct itself but with a republican congress it will swing overwhelmingly in the big business' favor
- george will get even more cocky because he will have done something better than his dad
- terrorism will get worse and there might be another attack on american soil.
- the 'war on terror' will continue and get worse
- americans will have lost damn near every single ounce of respect with other countries.

i'm tried.

bbc's live video feed gets props though


254-252 bush still.... fucking ohio...

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