Thursday, November 11, 2004

thank you mr. knowles

The Grind Date
De La Soul

unlike most reviewers i refuse to drag you down memory lane and make you pledge a blood oath to the only tongues that matter, the Native Tongues. i refuse+ice grill ever having to mention that they broke hip hop in half with 'stakes is high' all while introducing grown folks hip hop. de la soul has never been dead, flower power was a myth and us cosby kids' friends will NOT apologize for not 'pickin' roaches out of our cereal box.' nope, i will spend this review thanking jay z's future father-in-law for harriet tubman-ing one group that does, and has always mattered. de la soul.

album number eight. that's a six pack pass these bammas you rock now but will whatshisname before cheney has another heart attack. if you suffer from ADD i'll help you out: does it bang? Yes, like your holding down a block in Fallujah.

it starts with with them repeating a overlapped mantra of "we are the past/present/future" then morphs into future simply to remind why 16 years later they are still allowed to write 'emcee' under the occupation part of their tax forms. they aren't shy about mentioning this but don't come off like a certain bitter cold crush brother who's constant rants plead for a mic restraining order.

the albums one miss step is the beaten dead horse g.clinton sampled 'verbal clap.' after which it simply melts thru your speakers. so much so my favorites list changes based on mood.

the guest appearances hit their peak with common dropping by to show that life in the wake of ms. badu sharpens one's lyrical sword (c) André 3000. He actually get's my all time favorite line "now your empire fell like the lakers so your talking to your maker." being that i was born in Detroit i find myself pressing rewind repeatedly.

surprisingly they opened up the doors to various producers (most notably 9th Wonder on church spike lee brings it in) but it doesn't come off like a free-for-all. shit hip hop was supposed to be fun and songs like shopping bags keep it that way.

mr. knowles not only begat southern oversinging eye candy he gave us a present in some worthwhile ear candy as an apology to DC's many sonic missteps. don't even let me start with mrs. knowles clothing "creations."

i, for one, would like to thank you mr. knowles

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