Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Fuck Bush

most likely presidential canidates' offspring to vote against own father? Jeanna Bush

today's the day. tomorrow could be the beginning of the end of the world - christians, do you want jesus to come really, really soon? vote for bush- or we could be smart and move on, at least a little.

sadly, i have to agree that bush getting reelected would at least help get pple active (i.e. mad as fizzuck) instead of taking it (patriot act anyone?).

still no one seems to care about the sudan situation and i doubt that kerry will do much about it. it's sad that the world can turn away from something so serious.

for once i'll have to agree with seanpuffypdiddy.

i'm proud to see people fired up it's.... just.... will it last?

today, when i get a chance, i'll be putting up links for exit polls and other forms of witchcraft from various sources.

i was watching on bbc they were saying that there are pple spying polling stations so if your going to make sure you get rid of bush try and look as repulican as possible to eff ish up for them.

i only hope the media doen't decide to watch foxnews tonight to figure out who friggin won like they did in 2000.

now if only all of nyc would play 'fight the power' all day long...


more links soon

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