Friday, November 19, 2004


woke up, wide awake, 10 hour old coffee chased with jolt with crushed pills in it awake. so i open my computer (my new watch) to see what time it is 3:57 isn't something you want staring back at you when your me and you can't shut your brain down from little mental sticky notes with to do's that don't quite make much sense at 3:57am.

so i decided to catch up on some reading, read alot. went thru some of those blogs/websites you promise yourself your going to check but don't really look forward to getting hooked on since those to do sticky notes exist. got hooked and here i am taking a break from my new needle action because one great thing about having the world to yourself in the wee hours of a virgin day is the feeling of quiet "just you" that only predawn/dawn gives you.

i was just about to open the blinds only to remember that yesterday was the first snow, i'm not a fan of snow in fact i fucking hate snow!10x i hate everything about, except the falling part which can be relaxing but once that's over bastard snow and i don't like each other. in fact the last time i had to deal with daily heapings of snow it upped my hatred of the color white. anything white sucks (wait mj2 is white, so are ipods) nevermind i'm cured.

it's now 5.42 and wifey'll be up in the next 20-25 mins muttering at her alarm clock. then looking for her house shoes which will be followed by "why didn't you sleep in the bed?" shower, breakfast, complain about hair, complain about having any clothes (though she beats me on a 100 to 1), more mutttering, gotta go slam door wade thru bastard snow.

me? i'll sip coffee and try to get rid of some mental sticky notes.

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