Monday, November 22, 2004

break time

today with, sleeplessness and all, i RIPPED ish! hard. my hustle job is building alters to offer fresh virgins to me at this very moment. wanna join L's Cult™? please email me and i'll pass it along to the fan club.

today was cold, which didn't help with a pre-breakfast exchange of arms here at le crib and post-bfast silent treatment. a truce was made and i gave the world my best shot and watched it stagger minus a season suspension (c) artest.

tonight more bastard snow is supposed to pile on a new layer, considering that sweden RE-FUCKING-FUSES to put anything but gravel down on the sidewalk, ish sucks. they don't even clean all of the snow off though you see the little mini-shovel things all damn day so slide-walking-slips cost kewl points all damn day long.

after doing a little more work i'm going to head here to get my quirky music fix then check out people who actually write.

jag måste gå nu, hej då

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