Sunday, November 28, 2004

new edition

believe it or not i was once a little boy and one of my favorite groups was new edition, they followed me around as i grew up and were there for most of my firsts :-)

from mr. telephone man (which i honestly didn't get until waaay later) to can you stand the rain *cheezin*. yes, they could do NO wrong in my eyes not to mention introducing boys II men. from pre-drug issues mr.houston to the first openly metrosexual, ralph tresvant.

*singing* "you need a man, with, sensitivity, a man like me"

well i saw them on leno the other day and okay i'll admit that the song sucks hella lot but they RIPPED the dancing routine part showing any corny arse boy bandish groups out there who the 80's version of originators actually are (can't forget j5 folks).

that made me happy :-)

we won't talk about the tempations type damn near 40 year old dudes with matching clothes sweating puddles by the end of the song and the bad mikes with coarse voices, hey that isn't important it was new edition!

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