Thursday, November 25, 2004

'82-84 Kickball Champion

ya'll can't mess with my leg game! 204 bases stolen, countless homeruns and many admiring older females (third grade) on my jizzock, i had recess on lock. not to mention my while-in-line word for word recitals of grandmaster flash and the furious five, g'yah.

during my kickball reign there was just one problem which i'd like to address- misinformation. the six grade guys, who knew everything, enhanced my birds and bees know-the-ledge with this helpful tidbit, from experience of course: at the climax of sex one testicle goes into the girl which grows back after a week or so. i believed, so the next time my grandmother's soaps where on i wondered why the lady couldn't just check instead of asking the guy if he cheated. simple right?

happy thanksgiving, ask a native american what they are thankful for.

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