Wednesday, November 24, 2004


a mere 2 months ago internet access consisted of walking 10 mins to the local library for 15 mins online or checking email over a friend's. now thru the job, access at arms length, literally. my job's emails never stop, ever, and i have a sense of urgency (for various very sane reasons) to get my ish done. but because of the sheer volume alas concessions must be made and unless i want to end up like 98% of princes albums in the last 15 years, overdone, i must learn to control this monster.

welp since i've admitted the problem it is now considered solved :-)

moving on as soon as my little red email reminders slow down i plan to update my link sections if you have a site that can get clearance to fly in this or this's airspace e ( it to me and it's automatically going in the links.

also if anyone knows of something that can slowly wean me off of bloc party's album please let me know.

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