Thursday, November 18, 2004

*singin* my life is all i have

the problem with living in another country is that your always 2.4 seconds from tea-sippin'-british-airways-singing-my life-jfk-headed ish. something creepy about being in another country at times i catch myself looking around like "i don't get you muahfuggahas" type ish. but ish is kewl and i had my virgin meeting with a cerain well know beer company, good things.

thanksgiving (i'm against the lie, but still) is around the corner and i'd love to watch detriot at a non-mindingbending time while balancing my beer on my stuffed stomach.


"139th n*gga the danger zone" (c) Big L (RIP)

btw today i saw a time picture of young cat in iraq getting put in a body bag, it got to me man. i just don't get it. really.....

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