Tuesday, December 28, 2004

6:57 am

Christmas is different this year. Last year I was the new here and hadn’t met everyone just yet. Last Christmas it was sit around me and ask me broken questions in broken English. Last year I was the spokes person for anything American and last year I wouldn’t back down for shit. This year is pretty chill and they are used to seeing me up here (at least the extended family) this year I can understand 80 percent of what they’re saying but don’t feel like translating Swedish all the time so I often disappear somewhere or stare intently at one of my phones and try and pull up blogs or check my email.

Speaking of email I’d like to thank everyone who sent me emails to my phone but dude. dude who sent me a list of words, pointless multi syllable words with no seeming purpose except he felt like typing them and sending them to me. At first I thought that maybe it was one of the many brilliant writers that bless my blog with their presence and they were sending me a coded email so I tried to break the code. There was no code and I’m sure that dude was twerked out typing fast because the purple people said he had to or they would provide anal probs or something. Dude, don’t send me emails anymore.

That reminds me, since it’s the year’s end I’d like to thank the other bunch of useless emails that I have received from this blog. The editors. Yep, it seems that certain people, who don’t know me, feel the need to share their oh-so-helpful opinions regarding any grammar-type errors. Thank you, I truly appreciate it, really…

I’m sitting here watching fox news. The satellite card in the basement which I loved soo much is having problems and cnn and bbc have been erased leaving fox news. Fox is fun to watch. They spend abnormal amounts of time showing how the president is a smart guy. Michael Moore is code word for the devil on here and they have somehow come up with the concept that he is THE democrat who represents all democrats. I am not a democrat and am starting to think of Karl Rove as my new hero. In fact I think that if he pulls off my idea he could fuck the game up for a long time. Since bush can’t bless us with another term I have come up with the greatest republican coup for 2008 and ever. Colin Powell and Condi Rice for prez and vice respectively. Tell me that that wouldn’t mess the game up? At this point damn near anyone not a white guy gets a second look and with 90 percent of black people being ass people this campaign would cause car accidents. Shit I came up with it and I’d lose sleep thinking about it.

I just found out that Reggie White died, damn…

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