Wednesday, December 22, 2004


been working a lot lately so my blog is mad at me right now. when i signed in it was like "who are you?" and since blogs have feelings i'd like to apologize to her. sorry.

moving on.

today we're heading up north to a place called Husum which from where the flower that is wifey bloomed from 2 *cough* years ago. Husum's a town who's biggest claim to fame (besides wifey) is sweden's largest paper mill. sure to you and i that may sound boring but you'd be surprised how much people are 'mycket stolt' of the mill there. no matter where you are glowing mentions of the mill (not to mention constant offers of mill tours). in fact i was over her uncle's house and he was wearing what i thought was a radio station's giveaway shirt and the mention of the mill came up. they were talking about a paper machine that could spit paper out in vast amounts and how great and new it was it was then he mentioned that he was wearing the shirt of said paper quick spitter.... uh.. ohhhh- kay.

though it is rather strange to me, an outsider, of the religious-like love for the mill that spews foul smelling odors on occasion when the wind changes it is rather relaxing to hear sometimes broken english glow over the beauty of the mill... hey at least they take it there.

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