Friday, December 03, 2004


too tired to take grainy pics today.

friday! a full week finally over.

lot's of seminars, went to another seminar/award ceremony last night only to have to sit thru almost 2 hours of presentations in swedish. k, i haven't yet perfected it and i know enough to know when an ass whipping is in order but DAMN my head hurt trying to translate and the fact that i was tired didn't help.

it went like this: translate, translate "wow don't nut hugging jeans hurt to walk around in?" oh yeah, translate, "droning swedish sounds worse than droning english" translate *audience laughs* translate, "oh! now i think think i get it... wait no" translate.

wifey's dad (my favorite non-wifey person in sweden) fell at his job on ice and broke his arm in 5 places yesterday. after waiting 40 mins on the ice for the ambulance to come, they couldn't move him, he had to go thru surgery today so if since we like wifey's dad your welcome to e me your condolences which i will read to him after the morphine wears off. remember engish isn't his first language. the operation went well btw.

sleep is calling me


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