Tuesday, December 14, 2004

my teeth are strong!

yep, this is what the dentist shared with me 5-6 times yesterday when he did a checkup sans cleaning (which i have to head back today for). i guess they do the check up separately here but you feel used when all they do is a 10 min. check up. he spent the remainder of the time telling me that i had strong teeth and that smoking is bad, really bad. he REALLY hates smoking and continued to share with me all of this 'useful' information regarding why smoking is bad from a mouthwise obsessed standpoint. when i asked him if it was already happening to me he said no and that since my teeth are soo strong it would be another 20 years before anything would happen. even my nighttime teeth grinding hasn't affected my strong teeth. my world champion teeth are lifting weights right now.

after leaving the dentist's office i realized that i was across the street from my favorite store, an apple store called mackotecket. sure if i buy things there i'll, nine times out of ten, return them but they know the answers to my mac questions and NO ONE knows the answers to my mac questions. it can be lonely on this narrow, no virus apple lined path to righteousness *sigh*

here i was humming the negro national anthem while pulling myself up from my bootstraps when i read yet another statement from certain person who seems to have GOD's cell phone number. i want that number now!

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