Thursday, December 02, 2004

ya'll gon' make me lose my mind

sorry but i promised cell phone pictures this week.

that damn dmx song got the biggest response last night as mr. 'fro (of roots fame) deejay'ed for stockholm's equivalent of APT cira 2002. that.. is.. depressing.

we were supposed to see the roots perform last night but bt had a death in the family and the show was postponed until sunday night. so in the spirit of "the show must go one" one few people who i have no problem with earning a living on music (because the love/lust/stalker-ism is there) dj'ed for free instead.

i've seen him dj quite a few times and couldn't wait to hear him throw in songs-that-shouldn't-make-sense-but-do (and annoy me that i didn't think about that first) all night long. alas, L deux forgot that he was in scandinavia where the average people's first listen of hip hop could have come from the score add nauseam.

first off he tried, hard. this was the first time in the year and a half that i've been here that i heard the following artist in a club: special ed, black moon, slick rick and "thinking of master plan" rakim. did that get us anywhere? the club's reaction was blink, blink, stare and order another drink!?!

i could go on but why? i'll just mention that when *sniff, sniff* children's story came on i was the only person singing along to it (this... i have NEVER experienced). plus that overwhelming sensation of eyes staring with that "dance n*gga, dance!" look in them.

i must add that he looked as pained to play that ish as i felt so big ups for being a trooper.

i spent most of my night clutching my empty bottle of beer choice number two out of two (budweiser was the first choice *gag*) watching wifey and chris' wifey dance (that did make me happy) missing the HELL outta nyc. *sigh*

well at least we have sunday and de la's the next sunday so i'll feel better, it just hurts that this was the best chance, club-wise, and hands down the best music i've heard since getting here.

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