Sunday, December 26, 2004

christmas glee

i just got off the phone with my godaughter, the grrrreatest 5 year old on the planet, she seems to have a chokehold on the english language and has offered me a doll house. She got it for christmas and enjoyed it soo much that she said that she would ask for another one so she can send it to me :-) eboni!

wifey's nephew is asking me to head over and play a pre-bedtime game of finding nemo on the new gamecube wifey and i got him for christmas. duties.

oh, between drunken swedish christmas singing (off-key "and i wish, i never met her at all") i've been enjoying my email via my cell phone-life's great plesure- so if you feel the need to spread christmas cheer send it to there's more and wifey likes/loves her ipod though doesn't know how sincurr i am on the 'watch your back/jack move'. there's more but i must head to 'hitta nemo' nu!

uh troublecrunk must hit me at my cell phone for a split sec.

oh, gotta share this. i grew seventh day adventist and we have to observe the jewish sabbath from sundown friday night to sundown saturday. factor that in to a saturday christmas and think or the pain my nephew was going thru today. i called there and he was with will's niece counting down the last seconds to friggin open presents. i shared with him my '82 chritsmas visit to the only fam who wasn't sda, in cali, watching those bammas open presents while i was sitting there with my clip-on tie about to go to church sure that jesus gave a gotdarn about me otherwise he wouldn't put me thru this hell.

merry x-mus

send me emails dammit!

husum rocks! plus beers

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