Sunday, December 05, 2004

i want daylight, daylight (c) R.A.M.P.

i think the aforementioned song was written when roy ayers came through sweden cause f*ck! that crap gets on your nerves. in case you all don't know sweden has the same type issue with the sun that alaska does because of it's close proximity to the north pole? or just damn north. so, it's december and the sun is on drugs. it will come out around 9ish in the morning and go down early afternoon (by 1ish it's heading down). before i came here i though "hey i'm like Q-Tip cause 'the night is one my mind'" so i wasn't really too worried about it. or it's psycho summer scorpio version that stays the hell up ALL the time. little did i know.

last november the voices in my head started getting really loud and i started feeling like females must feel at some point and time during the procreation process. frustrated, semi-emotional (hey i'm a rudebwoy internetgangsta here dammit!) and missing the hell outta nyc. trust it was on some 'ah man homie' cira geto boys '91.

it was around this time which brought on my hug a black person campaign and whispering "i see white people."

well it's back and i'm not welcoming it, the worse part is that it crept up on my without tapping me on the shoulder and freaked me out this week quite a bit. so i'd like to apologize to random people who came in contact with me these past weeks because i'm NOT mentally sound at the moment and my sun machine keeps having snafus i can't quite figure out.

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