Wednesday, December 08, 2004

blog in g minor: defectors edition

i'm tired, really really tired and the crack in my glasses isn't helping because it gives me double vision in my left eye if i look over my glasses like my high school librarian who was proud she was a virgin after 70 plus years of walking, with little steps, around this planet. she was strange person who seemed to enjoy the powers that only a small conservative christian boarding academy can give. i remember one day she was walking slowly (with the little steps that only a 70 year old virgin has, i assume) in front of me and to hit an illinois ice patch (which are different from michigan ice patches) and fell into the splits. after asking her if she was okay i fell over in the snow from laughing so hard. but hey she was my arch enemy telling all the girls i was trying to talk into sex that it was okay to a be a virgin plus if they made it to 70 they wouldn't have to worry about stretch marks and stds. well i got a cold from all that rolling around in the snow laughing at her, which i'm sure she prayed for.

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