Monday, December 20, 2004

fight music

today was the day!

i had a pitch meeting with a large company and searched thru my cds until i found the perfect amp music. rocked train with brother's gonna work it out on blast with the illest harlem swagger since Afro'ed filled Caddies (cira lower case l in cotton diaper days). I was Kane-getting-pushed-on-stage in a bathtub with bubbles, fresh fest '84 type P.E., post rodney king trial amped. all i needed was an announcer and our pre figtht spar/jumping jacks was perfection. then the free, though kate moss anorexic, moody drifting wireless signal picked up the meeting was canceled...

we still accomplished ish and it did work out but damn i was hype flesh bound, i see you ras.

so tomorrow's the rematch and i have to stay in fight mode so i'll scour my cd collection tonight. anyone have any ideas please send crunk-less burnt offerings to

*putting on rocky gear*

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