Wednesday, December 01, 2004

leave it to the british

yesterday i was straightening out my email and setting up appointments that i have this week when looking down i realized that the seminar that i had at the british embassy was at 13.00 not 18.00 like i previously thought. it's 12 and since it's up the str8 from the us embassy i know it will take about an hour. so i walk straight out and hop the train. my bus was late and the us embassy acted as if i was bothering them when their sole purpose is to help my arse and all i was doing was asking for directions...

get to the seminar and being that i'm used to jeans being the norm at function such as these i was kinda taken back when i walked into a suit coat and tie seminar. EVERY SINGLE PERSON. i can't get shook (except when a certain rodent is involved) so i rocked it, did my thing and pulled off good networking capabilities.

things i learned.

- the british embassy has an OPEN BAR once a month and all you have to have is a british passport (people if you have one please e me and we'll work out getting it here).

- this may seem like a no brainer but - don't front, when you are so anti-fronting people tend to drop their b.s. and work with you better.

- apologize for the mishap of the election early in covos but don't allow mofo's to talk about your retarded countrymen.

- big brother is everywhere and he tends to send his minnions to seminars and try and talk companies on "co-operiating" with the authorities, no matter what personal info they'd like about your customers

- oh, that reminds me, big brother knows too much and i think i'm going to move to a cabin in the woods somewhere and swear off all almost electrionics. i'm scurred *shaking*

- the british embassy DOESN'T have wi-fi, which will in boring meetings should be a rule because there is nothing more boring than listening to drone with a british accent.

- my favorite english accent goes to scotland, scottish people are cool :-)

big brother is watching you right....


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