Thursday, December 16, 2004

"you are my boyfriend before i met him"

an old swedish woman told me in broken english on my way back home this evening. she tapped me and when i took off my earphones i said yes in english, which usually scares older people since they aren't fluent in english like everyone else here. after saying that she said 'fint' which means 'handsome' or 'beautiful', while her eyes welled up. i was strangely mesmerized by the vibe. i didn't know what to say so asked her if she was okay to which she responded that she was sick. i told her that she'd be okay but she said that she was very sick but one day she'll be well and smiled a sweet innocent smile (though unlike alzheimer's patients). i told her that i hoped so to then she said that it was nice to meet me while tears welled up in her eyes again and we parted ways.

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