Sunday, December 05, 2004

crunk similac

whilst the world seems to be enthralled with crunk music, which for those of us who've lived in the south knew existed before tupac started believing his juice inspired myth, i'm baffled. to me, it's a strange thing, not because people like riot music (which it is) but because it needs a certain environment to truly express itself (which even my beloved nyc can't provide). what that environment truly entails i couldn't tell you but it has something to do with low cost living, gas station/car wash hang outs, after club IHOP visits, close proximity to HBCUs, freshly dipped automobiles and the inevitable white tee-shirt (which is taken' sooo seriously in the south). not to mention southern hospitality with syrupy drawls to match and the (re)definition of thick.

i have no problem with people the likes of lil' jon making monies hand over fist, dude has BEEN in the game, BEEN. some of my issues stem, most likely, from the MD/DC/VA (where i "grew up") go-go connection which swears that Chuck Brown, RE and Junk Yard DESERVE top 10 spots on billboard because go-go is sooo riotous WITH real instruments to match. in fact, crunk is go-go's only child which grew up in a foster home so maybe the Originators will get some seepage love, maybe.

so tonight i'll watch the opening deejays for the roots show "warm up" the swedish crowd with a slew of crunk songs they just don't, and will never, understand. they will convulse up and down grabbing their imaginary white tee (it's too cold for that here) while i'm wondering what the fuck is going on?


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