Thursday, December 16, 2004

my rather large feet

i'm a honest guy, just like clinton, and feel that sharing is good way to remove the now & later covered skeletons in my closet soo-

my feet: large, very, very large and there wasn't a available bar stool and car keys in my pocket so large feet implications didn't work making this a serious issue. let's try the age:shoe size chart and you'll figure it out.

age:shoe size
13:13 - being 5'4 didn't help and my aunt's penance for buying kmart brand white shoes added to the misery.

at 14 i had a one summer, one foot, growth spurt and finally at 6'4 my size 15's (in dark colors and never with straight leg nut huggers) work for me.

wow i feel soo much better, except for this.

but you'll never catch me with ice creams i'm lactose intolerant.

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