Sunday, December 12, 2004

"i'm going to knit half a scarf"

it's sunday and what better way to celebrate than shooting for middle, in the world renown under achieving day of the week.

that's right today i pay homage to underachieving bastards world wide. from low c average silver spoon raised president's with half ass annie get your gun administrations, festering unfinished wars declared finish which will give our younger brothers AND sisters good reasons for child abandonment issues and 8am liquor store rendezvous. welcome to the neo crack age where kids are taught that participation is ALL the battle so trophies line their walls because they were simply there.

this is coming from a guy who's report card was lined with nothing but A's and a teacher's note that read: 'he needs apply himself'. maybe my early 90's hourly love affair with a certain smokable green substance (that's now legal in 11 states cause the people spoke but the aforementioned tyranny decided they just. might. be. wrong.) cause i seem have to forgotten pats on the back for just sitting in class, though my sleeve had a tendency to play big daddy kane, tribe and fear of a black planet still numero uno.

if portland is "where dreams go to die" i'm in a tijuana dream abortion clinic complete with rusty equipment and a doctor who works for shots of jim bean.

so bastards go ahead and finish half the dishes, work out then drink a 6 pack or say fuck it and lounge on the couch cause why try when no one else is?

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